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Job Fair at Terminal M

A job fair will be proudly organized by Mahaland Company Limited at Terminal M in coming August 13 and 14.
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Terminal M Leisure Mall was successfully opened

Terminal M, the first and biggest leisure mall in north Yangon, was successfully launched on Feb 25th 2022. Terminal M is a 4-storey commercial …
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World Architecture Day

October 3, is World Architecture Day and the theme for this year is ''Architecture for well-being'' in the response to recent global health crisis, Covid-19 pandemic.

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First and Biggest Leisure Mall in North Yangon

Terminal M Leisure Mall, the first all-inclusive destination in Yangon was opened in February 2022.

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A Leading Myanmar Property Developer

Mahaland is founded in 2017 and has become one of the leading largest real estate development companies in Myanmar.

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