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Why with Mahaland

With over 200 employees, Mahaland draws upon an exceptional range of talents, strengths and know-how to be the innovative Myanmar property developer it is today. 

Build your dream job here!

Whether you set your sights on learning the skills to master building construction, sourcing materials and making commercial contacts or on the professional services side of the company, we believe Mahaland offers unrivalled opportunities for you to enjoy a career of variety. 

Here you will find the route to achieve your personal goals in the service of making architecture and communities that enhance lives.     

Quote from Employee

“Working for Mahaland has given me the opportunity to develop not only the skills learnt form the classroom but also to gain experience of different sets of skills and knowledge by working in the environment where various technical and management approaches are thriving such as at the M Tower site.”

Asst. Facilities Manager
Salai Tun Lin Oo